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Helpful Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

Helpful Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

Most homeowners pay more attention to the aesthetic appearance of their houses that they often forget to have their plumbing system inspected by a professional. Without proper maintenance, minor problems could result in costly repairs. Having a licensed plumber inspect your plumbing thoroughly is crucial in detecting small issues before they turn into a major headache. It also gives you a better and in-depth look at the pipes and drains in your home. The plumber may also assess the conditions of your water heater and septic tank system, do a lead testing, and perform a filter system inspection.

Common Household Plumbing Problems

While regular maintenance guarantees a worry-free plumbing system, it is still a good idea to acquaint yourself with the common plumbing problems just in case you need to do minor repairs.

Helpful Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

1. Dripping Faucet – Many of us find the sound of a dripping faucet annoying. It is also considered to be the major cause of water waste. Failure to fix this problems can drive your monthly water bill higher. A single dripping faucet could send hundreds to thousands of gallons of water down the drain every year. Provided below are the common causes:


  • Problematic O-ring
  • Damaged washer
  • Worn out cartridge
  • Loose faucet parts
  • Rusty valve seat
  • Incorrect installation of washer
  • Worn out seals
  • High water pressure

2. Clogged Drain – One of the most dreaded plumbing problem is a clogged drain. When the drain fails, the bathroom floor or sink will flood, become slimy, and probably smell bad. In most cases, you can use a plunger to dislodge the debris causing the clog, but it does not guarantee the complete removal of the clog. Commercial drain cleaners or clog removers may be also used occasionally. However, these are abrasive solutions and can potentially harm the pipes. Keep in mind some of the best household tips: don’t pour grease down the drain.

Helpful Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

3. Running or Overflowing Toilet – This problem occurs when the toilet water passes from the tank to the bowl due to a loose flapper valve. In case of a silent leak, add a few drops of food colouring into the tank and check for any hint of colour in the bowl. The best solution for a running toilet is as follows:

  • Turn off the valve behind the base of the toilet
  • Check if the rubber flapper is in its proper position. If not, push it back in place to stop water flow.
  • Reach in and lift up the float ball until the refill valve is shut off.

4. Defective Water Heater – Showering in the morning and feeling the cold water touching your skin can be an unpleasant experience. Depending on the frequency of its maintenance, the water heating system can last from eight to 12 years. Some of the common reasons why it fails are: accumulation of sediment, internal rust, high water pressure, age, and corrosive fumes. The best solution for a damaged water heater is to contact a professional plumber and have it fixed immediately.

Helpful Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

5. Leaky Pipes – Although leaking pipes are most common during the winter season, this can also occur the whole year round. Flooding under the sink and water stains in the ceiling or walls are typical signs that you have leaky pipes. Call a plumbing expert immediately to fix this plumbing issue.