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How to Prevent Home Plumbing Problems

We don’t often think about our plumbing until there’s a problem. Here are five things we can do to avoid major issues that require hiring a professional plumber:

Sink Baskets
Put a stainless steel drain baskets in kitchen sinks. Baskets catch food residue from dishes and you can throw the food pieces into an organics bin before they build up and clog the drain. Also, stainless steel cover or basket in your shower will prevent hair clogs.

The Toilet is Not a Trash Bin
Protecting the toilet drain is important. Trash and sanitary products should never be flushed. Using a hand towel to dry after washing hands will also eliminate the need for additional paper products in the toilet.

Check Water Heaters
Flushing your hot water heater every six months can help prevent sediment from building. Keep an eye on the thermostat, valves, and pipes for any leaks and problems to prevent larger situations from happening..

Watch for Clogs
If you have a backed up drain, pull out blockage with a gloved hand. Sometimes you can solve the problem with a plunger but you can prevent these problems by never putting anything in a sink or toilet that might cause a problem. When you have a serious issue, call a professional plumber.

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